Essential Manners All Kids Should Know

Good manners are important for people for all ages, but it is important that your kids develop good habits and manners at a young age so they do not have to face embarrassing situations when out in public. Good manners also give your kids a base that helps them build successful relationships with friends, family…



Our program aids students to continue positively progressing in their learning journey through interactions, lessons, exercises and activities that will help them with future academic success. Specifically, they will learn:   Writing, math, reading, problem solving, colors, spatial concepts, patterns, sorting, opposites, sequencing, measurements, science, and social studies. Appreciation of books and source materials as…



LOLA sets your child up for success with a solid introduction to writing (upper & lower case), math, shapes, reading, colors, sorting, spatial concepts, patterns, science, and social studies.

• Cultivating communication skills and cooperating with other students
• Developing more precise motor skills
• Hands-on learning

Toddler Care

At the Little Owl Learning Academy (LOLA), providing top-notch care and learning for children at all stages of development is our priority and we do this through the use of the Mother Goose Time curriculum. Our toddler care environment engages your child in all aspects of social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development through hands-on learning activities.…


Infant Care

3 months + We believe that every infant deserves the opportunity to experience the world in a stimulating learning environment. One that warmly invites them to do what comes most naturally to them during this delicate stage of development. It is important to us that each day your child goes on a positive journey filled…