The energy and excitement of a young kid is contagious. Whether they’re at school or at home, nothing can limit them from having fun. To let your kids enjoy to the fullest, Little Owl Learning Academy provides them a bright, spacious environment where they can play and learn.

Little Owl Learning Academy has 12 spacious schoolrooms, each offering a bright, stimulating learning environment to children. The rooms are painted in bright colors are they receive plenty of sunshine, which is not only good for your child’s health, but also stimulates them to take part in group play and learning activities.

The classrooms have plenty of space and are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate the learning journey of your child. Each classroom has comfortable and safe chairs and tables that fulfill all the health and safety requirements for early childhood development. In addition to this, to make school a fun activity for your child, we have decorated each schoolroom with creative and colorful toys. LOLA also features a play area where children can indulge in physical activities in a safe and healthy environment. The play area has safe and brightly colored outdoor slides, seesaw, and rockers so that your child can have the time of their life at LOLA!